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Bulbascore is the name of Team 199's robot created to play FIRST Stronghold ,the 2016 challenge. Bulbascore is the first robot created by the team since it separated form Team 100. Bulbascore featured a 6-wheeled west coast drivetrain, an over the bumper intake, a flywheel shooter, and a climbing mechanism. The robot first competed at SVR and the placed 50th at that event.



Bulbascore utilized an over the bumper intake to pick up boulders, the game pieces in FIRST Stronghold. The intake was primarily constructed out of 2" by 1" aluminum tubing and PVC pipes wrapped in neoprene. The intake used two MiniCIMs, one to actuate the arms up and down and another to spin the rollers to bring in the ball. While initially designed to pick up boulders using only the PVC rollers, the intake ended up using three six inch diameter tread wheels in order to obtain a further reach that was necessary to pick up boulders.