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Recommended software for the ideal Team 199 Developer's Environment

Please take note to download the correct software for your operating system (Windows users, please select appropriate 32bit or 64bit downloads).

WPI's Screensteps Live, in the appropriate year's FRC Control System site, has detailed steps on much of these software installs at their FRC for Java page.

1. Java 8

2. Latest version of Eclipse

3. Eclipse FRC plugins, installed by navigating in Eclipse to Help -> Install new software -> Add.

FRC plugins.png

4. Latest FRC Update 2017 Serial Number: M82X12201

A National Instruments account will be needed, but those are free to create.

5. Github for Desktop Alternatively, you can also download git and use it with the git bash.

After installation, be sure to clone all necessary repositories to the file system using Github/git.

6. Python 2.7 for the purpose of vision programming

7. Full steps for OpenCV for Python installation coming soon.

Note: OpenCV really dislikes OS X. It is highly suggested by Team 199 that you code with OpenCV with a Windows machine.

8. Recommended IDE for Python editing: Pydev for Eclipse