Java 7: Additional Topics

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There are many advanced JGenerics - Generic datatypes that can represent any java topics that are beyond the scope of this tutorial, but you can still learn about them by following these links (or you can just google search "java <topic> tutorial"). This is by no means a comprehensive list; there are many other topics not listed here that you can investigate on your own.

Nested Classes - Defining a class inside of another clas

Generic - Generic datatypes that can represent any datatype

Enums A special data type to define a collection of constants

Exceptions - Errors thrown at runtime

Threading - The sequence in which code is executed

I/O Streams - Sequences of input or output information

Graphics - Visual effects displayed on the screen by the program

Annotations - A system for documenting code

Regular Expressions - A technique for sorting through Strings

Dynamic Programming - A technique for making algorithms more efficient

Functional Programming - A style of programming that avoids changes of state

Stream Operations - Functional programming techniques for manipulating collections

You can also learn about the various projects that our team has already completed, or investigate new projects of your own (and then document your discoveries) in the projects section.