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See main 2016-17 meeting minute folder in the links below.

4/29/16 Meeting Minutes

4/27/16 Meeting Minutes

4/13/16 Debrief Meeting Minutes

1/7/2016 Opening Minutes

  • Join the Remind! Text @team199 to 81010
  • Get and use the notebook! Ask Matt/go to A11
  • Mechanics: Stock set aside, make a piece that requires all skills, efficency
  • Elex: Continue on Tuesday, probably here on Tuesday go to CAD
  • CAD: doing things in A11 (?)
  • Media: New logo
  • Business in A11
  • Programming: Guidelines for build season, new finish PID, old WebDash, RoboRIO (B3)

1/5/2016 Opening Minutes

  • Programming: B3 then A20
  • Media: A11
  • Mechanics in shop
  • Purpose: Training time
  • Business A11

12/17/2015 Optional Work Session

No Meeting Minutes

12/4/2015 Leadership Meeting

  • Co-hosting kickoff with Team 100
  • Kickoff Planning with Team 100 Tuesday 4-5pm at Woodside - check mail
  • Need people go down to San Jose State to pick up stuff (4am?)
    • Eric
    • Thierry
    • Melanie
    • Joyce
  • Possibility of additional work session (design dry run)
  • Possible Dates:
    • Thursday after finals, Friday the 18, possible work sessions
    • Week in January before kickoff
  • Do we need more work session
    • Mechanics: need more fabrication practice? Training can happen during build season
    • Elex: practice (can learn on job) - don't need maybe
    • Leads train as we go, make sure students train in tandem
    • CAD: Must know how to do before hand (CAD Day of training)
    • Media/Website: Google Hangout time
    • Programming: Don't need more time, would be nice, can't do on own, preferably access to robot.
    • Come back on Jan 5
  • Presentation of Process of Design
  • Possibly extended hours of sessions, only six days a week
  • Maybe 3:30-6:30?
  • Call meeting January 4th - tentative design run all-day 9-5 time
  • December 17th and 18th - possible work session, maybe for 18th
  • First week-January 5th-8th Elongated Tuesday and Thursday session later time
  • 4:30-7:30pm, doors open 3:30 for 5th and 7th

12/3/2015 Closing Minutes:

  • Whiteboards yay
  • Media/Website:
    • MOAR Website Edits
    • New form: Website Form
    • Facebook
  • CAD
    • Assembled drive-train (in CAD)
    • Learned how to make parts and assemble them
  • CAD Leaders
    • Know the gist, want to get more comfortable
  • Shop Traineesu
    • Gussets made (drill and band-saw)
  • Shop Trainers
    • Accomplishments varied due to skill level
    • More practice on horizon
  • Programming Leaders
    • PID and INheritance
    • More practice in future
  • Programming Trainees
    • Learned shortcuts, made life easier
  • Electronics Trainees
    • Practiced crimping, connecting wires
    • Cube incident (ugh)
  • Electronics Leaders
    • Argument cube (stahp)
    • Practiced crimping
    • Goals accomplished, practice more
  • Business
    • Group One: Hashed out protocol for week one of build season (achieved goal)
    • Group Two: Issue tracking software found to keep track of jobs
  • Leadership Meeting Tomorrow in A11

12/3/2015 Opening Minutes: REDACTED

12/1/2015 Closing Minutes: - Mecahincs Need another day for tool training Gussets in progress (not too far along) - CAD Started drivetrain Need another day to finish drivetrain (not going to finish) - Programming Rewrote PID, no test - Media/Website New changes to website, looking to upload soon - Business Group ONe: Vague visual project build season running Design process of ideas and implementation Continuing next week Group Two: Issue tracking Protocol Delegating jobs Find better way to aggregate info

Internal Website access increase


12/1/2015 Opening Meeting Subteam Goals for Meeting Planning for General People Meeting (5:10 closing meeting, pizza) Break into Subteams