Build Season Guidelines

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Here are some general guidelines for the software sub-team during build season:

  1. Follow the Coding Conventions - They make your code easier to read.
  2. Comment your code - Include Javadoc comments for your methods and classes, as well as regular comments wherever they can improve readability.
  3. Update Github regularly - Sync at the beginning and end of each work session. Work on projects in your own branch, and commit your changes at the end of each work session. Merge changes from master into your own branch to keep your version of the code up-to-date. When you finish the project you are working on, submit a pull request to get it added to master.
  4. Check Issue Tracking for tasks - Assign yourself to an issue, comment with updates on your progress, and close the issue once you finish.
  5. Add bugs to the Debugging Guide - If you solve a new bug, add a description of the symptoms, the cause of the bug, and the solution to the page. This guide should prevent us from getting stuck on the same bugs over and over again.
  6. Document your discoveries on the internal site - If you are working on something that can potentially be reused in future years (e.g. vision, motion profiling, etc.) then document what you learn under the Projects section. Note that investigations into specific sensors or actuators should be added to the Device Characterization page.