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Tool Manuals and Specifications

This Page contains pdf files of manuals and a list of important specifications for all major power tools in the shop. Look here if you need to replace a part or do some maintenance!

Material Suppliers


AndyMark specializes in selling a number of mechanical and electrical parts for the FIRST robotics teams. In the past we have purchased speed controllers, breakers, bearings, pneumatic components, and more from AndyMark.

Vex Robotics is a subsidiary of FIRST and sells a number of crucial parts, for building the robots, that are needed every year. In the past we have purchased gearboxes, shifters, and gussets from this company. Most of the parts we buy come from Vex Pro

McMaster-Carr is an immense catalogue that sells almost everything imaginable related to mechanics and shop working. Their inventory ranges from welding supplies to fasteners of every shape and size.

PowerWerx is a major electronics supplier that sells everything from crimpers to Power pole accessories.

Automation Direct sells mostly electronics and programming supplies. They have a large selection of sensors and pneumatics equipment. add Alan Steel and Tap platics


Tap Plastics is a local plastics shop located at 606 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401. They have all kinds of plastics in different sizes and they can custom cut pieces to your specifications!

Alan Steel is a local metal shop located at 505 E Bayshore Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063. While buying metal, if you tell the seller that you are from a local robotics team, they will give you a discount!

Jameco is a local electronics shop located at 1355 Shoreway Rd, Belmont, CA 94002. You cannot purchase at the store directly, rather you have to order from an online catalog and pick up purchases at the location. Due to a robotics sponsorship we get a 50% discount at Jameco on everything with a code. I think the actual code varies year to year so contact your current elex lead or co-captain.


Read this guide to make bumpers.

Gearbox Ratios

Guide for calculating gear ratios for gearboxes:

Note: As in the website above, the goal is to be able to go as fast as possible while being able to spin the wheels while driving into a wall.

Look on Andymark for Wheel weight, CIM and Mini-CIM output torque and friction coefficient for FRC carpet. Take into account # of wheels that are touching the ground, not just total drivetrain wheels. Note that the friction is based on the number of wheels touching the ground, but the torque is based on the total number of wheels.

Output torque: CIM: 2.42 Mini CIM: 1.4

Equation for normal force: m*g Equation for friction applied to the wheels: F=cf*FN F: Friction, cf: Coefficient of friction, FN: normal force

After above calculations, you should have a gear ratio. To find the gears that you need to order or use, search Vex for the gearbox you’re using and find the gears compatible with your gearbox.