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Team 199's Current Brand Logo
Team 199: Deep Blue Robotics was created to support Carlmont High School Students and allow them to continue their in-depth STEM education.

In 2003, students at Carlmont High School in Belmont, CA joined forces with Woodside High School’s FRC Team 100, pooling resources to build a competitive strong robotics team. However, in 2015, Woodside's program was so successful that it was suggested we create a second team at Carlmont, therefore reverting the team back to its original 1995 configuration.

Many Carlmont students from Team 100 wanted a way to continue their involvement in a strong FRC team, and opted to create their own program. The students currently on Team 199 are highly motivated, and have worked hard to quickly build an incredible FRC team from scratch. The students of Carlmont High School currently face the challenge of creating a shop with limited funding, as Carlmont’s administration has indicated that it cannot supply the team with any funds. Therefore, we are actively searching for corporate sponsors and personal donors. As well as securing funding, we are also searching for team mentors to teach and guide the students of the team as they tackle the challenges inherent in building a complex robot in just six weeks.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Carlmont Robotics FRC team is to provide an opportunity for students to learn engineering, project management, and community relations skills in an environment that is fun, yet competitive and challenging at times in order to simulate real world situations and prepare our students for real-world projects.

Team History

From January 2016 to Feburary 2016, Team 199 participated in the FIRST FRC 2016 Season, in which teams all across the US and around the world had six weeks to build a robot for the 2016 game, FIRST Stronghold. Team 199 competed at Silicon Valley Regional.

Prior to 2015, Carlmont students share history with Team 100, a team based out of Woodside High School. For information on their robots and history, please see Team 100's web site.

Stay Informed

Use the Team Dashboard to see what is currently going on and what's on the horizon.

Find Help

Use the Mentor Directory to find a mentor to help you.

Knowledge Base

Information Technology - Information about managing the website, this wiki, project management tools, classroom computers and other IT tools that the team uses.