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(Training Curriculum)
(Training Curriculum)
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=Training Curriculum=
=Training Curriculum=
<ol start="0">
<ol start="0">
<li>[[Java:_Introduction to Robot Java|Introduction to Robot Java]]</li>
<li>[[Java 0:Introduction to Robot Java|Introduction to Robot Java]]</li>
<li>[[Java:_Java Basics|Java Basics]]</li>
<li>[[Java 1:Java Basics|Java Basics]]</li>
<li>[[Java:_Object-Oriented Programming|Object-Oriented Programming]]</li>
<li>[[Java 2:Object-Oriented Programming|Object-Oriented Programming]]</li>
<li>[[Java:_WPILIB Basics|WPILIB Basics]]</li>
<li>[[Java 3:WPILIB Basics|WPILIB Basics]]</li>
<li>[[Java:_Command-Based Programming|Command-Based Programming]]</li>
<li>[[Java 4:Command-Based Programming|Command-Based Programming]]</li>
<li>[[Java 5:Inheritance|Inheritance]]</li>
<li>[[Java:_Design Principles|Design Principles]]</li>
<li>[[Java 6:Design Principles|Design Principles]]</li>
<li>[[Java:_Additional Topics|Additional Topics]]</li>
<li>[[Java 7:Additional Topics|Additional Topics]]</li>
<li>[[Java:_Practice Exercises|Practice Exercises]]</li>
<li>[[Java 8:Practice Exercises|Practice Exercises]]</li>
<li>[[Java 9:Summary|Summary]]</li>
<li>[[Java:_Advanced Topics|Advanced Topics]]</li>
<li>[[Java 10:Advanced Topics|Advanced Topics]]</li>

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Welcome to the software section of the site! Here you can view the projects that we are currently working on, various programming resources, information about the code for each of our robots, and our software training curriculum.


  1. Custom Widgets
  2. Device Characterization
  3. Motion Profiling
  4. NetTables Client
  5. PID Control
  6. RoboRIO Files
  7. Robot Simulator
  8. Vision


  1. Build Season Guidelines
  2. Code Repository
  3. Coding Conventions
  4. Computer Inventory
  5. Debugging Guide
  6. Debugging Tools
  7. Learning to Program
  8. Preparing for Competition
  9. Training Curriculum


  1. 2015: Recyclops
  2. 2016: Bulbascore (Pirate Ship)

Training Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Robot Java
  2. Java Basics
  3. Object-Oriented Programming
  4. WPILIB Basics
  5. Command-Based Programming
  6. Inheritance
  7. Design Principles
  8. Additional Topics
  9. Practice Exercises
  10. Summary
  11. Advanced Topics