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SolidWorks Vault Information

Vault computer:

Vault description: TEAM 199 AWS


Password (default): STUDENTID#+FIRSTMIDDLELAST INITIALS (ex. 765432+JWS)

Requesting a Solidworks account

To request an account, email Jim Wilfong at with the subject Team 199 Vault Account or direct message him in Slack @jim_w

In the email or message body, include your full name (first, middle, last),your student ID number, and your team number (TEAM 199).

Be polite! We depend on Jim for a bunch of stuff

SolidWorks Drawing Template

Follow this guide

Download the Drawing Template here

SolidWorks Key Request Form

Request for sponsorship from SolidWorks are made once a year by the team mentor or CAD lead, typically in early August. Individual team members / students should not submit requests to SolidWorks. Follow this link to request a sponsorship: Click "Click here to apply for team sponsorship" and fill out the form. Keys should come within 2 days.

It is very important to put the SolidWorks logo on the team t-shirt and on the robot. SolidWorks also requests their logo is visible on our website.

Part Logs

View only robot part log

Each year, a new tab should be created with a different year in the part number. Protect the old years from any editing so others can reference the old sheets in the future. This way, if there is an old part that can be reused, it can be easily searched up on these sheets with no fear of incorrect data

View only common parts part log (VERY WIP)

All Team 199 Common parts should be on this spreadsheet with the name format of VendorPartNumber (ShortDescription). For example, 217-4365 (GEAR 32T .500 IN HEX)

To request editing permission or if you can't find some other part log, email

CAD Materials

Aluminium Tubing: Aluminium 6061-T6